Top 10 OSHA Violations for Medical Clinics

For doctors’ offices and clinics, the most frequent citations are listed here. Your take-away is create your policies and plans and train your employees to those. Don’t forget to document that training!
  1. failure to implement and maintain an Exposure Control Plan under the BBP standard;
  2. failure to train under the BBP standard;
  3. failure to engineer out hazards/ensure hand washing under BBP standard;
  4. poor housekeeping under the BBP standard;
  5. failure to implement and maintain a written Hazard Communication Program;
  6. failure to make the Hepatitis B vaccination available under the BBP standard;
  7. failure to prepare Exposure Determinations under the BBP standard;
  8. failure to use personal protective equipment under the BBP standard;
  9. failure to provide post exposure Hepatitis B vaccination under the BBP standard; and
  10. failure to train employees under the Hazard Communication standard.


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