The Hopkins Group is dedicated to offering its expertise in managing resources to its clients and adhere to the principles of integrity, honesty, and transparency. Our HR management services include outsourced HR consultation, managing HR issues like regulatory compliance, training and development of employees, compensation and benefits administration, HR help desk and service center, strategizing on employee retention, employee recruitment, and more.

With over seventeen years of combined business expertise to manage small and mid-size businesses, we can handle everything from project-based services to more sophisticated areas of human resource management. We implement procedures to handle time-consuming operations and keep you focused on operating your business.


The Hopkins Group offers personalized management consultation programs for new and experienced employees and supervisors to help them gain the necessary knowledge and tools they need to grow. We guarantee the efficiency of your employees’ performance and ensure that they fulfill the responsibilities to accomplish the company’s overall performance and profitability goals.

We specialize in delivering HR management and consultation to small to mid-sized businesses from all industries. We can help you improve your business performance by providing you with the tools and resources needed to effectively and efficiently manage the people that drive your business. Our HR Outsourcing services include.

  • Comprehensive and seamless employee documentation process
  • Impeccable & positive management of employee relations
  • HR policy development & compliance for internal hierarchy
  • Employee separation contingency and retention management.
  • Optimized and prompt HR help desk
  • General payroll processing and timely dispersion
  • Employee compensation & fringe management

HR Help Desk and HR Service Center

Our HR Help Desk is a simple and cost-effective method to keep track of your company’s everyday HR tasks. Our HR Help Desk Service offers our clients unrivaled access to critical information from our experienced HR consultants, supported by innovative technology that can manage all of your HR requirements. We ensure that our clients do not worry about any unforeseen situation or unanswered questions, so we prepare and estimate risk management and mitigation strategies before the situation. Feel free to contact us for HR consultation services.

The Hopkins Group acquires over 17 years of combined HR expertise in employment law and procedures, and offer the most cost-effective and integral HR consulting services. We work with you to reduce the risk of penalties, audits, and litigation.

It’s easier to pull together critical HR information with our one-stop solution. Get in touch.

HR Management and Payroll Services

The Hopkins Group provides you with decisive HR advice to guarantee compliance with ever-changing employment regulations. Managing personnel data, monitoring hours, and processing payroll in different systems can take hours of data entry, resulting in numerous prospects for mistakes that lead to significant consequences. 

Reach out to us to get assistance.

HRPM Services

HR project management frequently entails all elements of a company and its functional units. The Hopkins Group provides HRPM services for project management, skills development, and understanding possible risks that frequently afflict project execution to increase your organization’s efficiency.

Our HR Project management services address a wide range of particular HR issues that many organizations face. 

Training and Development

We introduce our clients to new concepts and practices that help in thriving their respective businesses and personalize our training and development solutions based on their specific requirements. Regardless of the industry they belong to, employees who attend our seminars leave with strong, proven strategies and tools they can use indefinitely to succeed.

The Hopkins Group is committed to offering you the practical implication that benefits your career. We believe in sustainability and guarantee that our training and development will lead to the success of your business.

Compensation and Benefits Administration

Payroll data collection and tracking employees’ performance are essential for paying your employees on time and correctly. Many companies continue to rely on defective ways to monitoring hours and time-off requests, causing a compensation headache for finance and liability concerns for the entire organization.

The Hopkins Group is committed to administrating your employees’ payment and compensation a trouble-free and straightforward process, whether you’re monitoring hours, perks, or PTO or processing payroll. Get in touch with us!

We offer various benefit administration services including:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Open Enrollment Services
  • Vendor Management
  • HRIS Administration

Recruitment Services

Recruitment can be complex and costly with uncertain results. The Hopkin Groups has a distinguished approach when it comes to hiring. We manage everything from screening to onboarding to help you access the best talent for your business.

Our team of dedicated recruiters understands your organizational culture and values and find ideal applicants who contribute to a robust workforce for your organization. From identifying, interviewing, and screening to inducting the applicant into your organization, we take all of your recruitment responsibilities. We evaluate the applicants’ eligibility with tracking tools that provides all the relevant details about the applicant.

Extensive Industry Experience.

We have a team of recruiters who cover each organization’s key functional areas. Some of the industries where we offer our expertise are,

  • Health-care industry
  • Finance and accounting
  • Administrative
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Professional/Legal companies
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Business consulting firms
  • Transport and logistics and more!