Our approach

Why companies choose HOPKINS HR? 

Amazing Service

Our support team is made of friendly, knowledgeable, certified PEOPLE who are trained in active listening and implementing pragmatic solutions.

Comprehensive Services

Both small and large businesses choose us to help them grow and build their teams. Whether they are starting a business, expanding or crossing borders

Industry Agnostic

Companies across 21+ Industries trust The Hopkins Group as their business lifeline.

Scalable Solutions

We offer a variety of scalable HR solutions for growing businesses, ranging from hiring to retiring to help you find the right products and services that fit their growing demographics.

Trusted Relationships

We build relationships that address the client's needs based on mutual collaboration and not to increase revenues.

Budget Friendly

We work with you to determine a budget that fits your growing business

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Outsourcing our human resources to The Hopkins Group has provided Imagine Solutions with a professional and knowledgeable partner for our business. As our HR Department, The Hopkins Group handles all HR functions, from strategic planning to employee relations, and does so in a professional manner and at a cost that is much less than having equally qualified HR professionals on staff full-time.

Jason Bair
Vice President & CTO, Imagine Solutions

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