HR’s Guide to Pre-Boarding: 10 To-Dos Before an Employee’s First Day.

HRs are the first person that an employee meets when they start with an organization. The way that HR welcomes the new employee is critical to creating an excellent first impression. HR is entrusted with hiring talented employees and making sure they are properly trained before they start work.

The purpose of pre-boarding is to ensure that all employees are aware of the company’s policies and procedures and ensure that all employees are up to speed with the necessary legal information. Pre-boarding can be done by HR or training departments.

A strong pre-boarding experience can help reduce no-shows and inspire employees to stay loyal from the first day. By following these ten ways, you and your team can establish the perfect new hire pre-boarding program that will give a promising newcomer a solid experience from day one.

Say Congrats!

When you hire a new employee, it might be your routine – but not to them! These are people who don’t accept a job offer every day. Their decision will probably mean everything to them and their family, and it should be an exciting and memorable one for this reason. Be sure to congratulate the new employee on being accepted for the job. The recruitment team, hiring manager, and new teammates should follow up with them via email.

Get Their Desk Ready.

Don’t leave the new hire’s desk out of the arrangement. Make sure it is ready for the new hire’s first day at work. Here’s what to do to prepare their desk:

Get the desk ready for the next employee by clearing off any old papers and getting rid of anything personal. Make sure you have basics like a tape dispenser and stapler, as well as essential supplies for their first day like pens, paperclips, paper pads, and staples.

It’s a good idea to welcome any new members of your team with a small gift on their desk or waiting for them when they first walk into the office. It helps build a good rapport and offers an excellent introduction to new colleagues.

Involve Current Employees.

Aside from sending an email to your employees, you can also share the new hire’s LinkedIn profile for others to get in touch. Particularly if some team members didn’t meet them in person, this would be very helpful. A recent study found that companies who create a buddy program for new hires speed up productivity by 87%!

Ensure To Introduce Your Team.

It’s good to have an idea of what you might say when introducing your team to someone new. It only takes a few minutes of planning to have the perfect introduction at the ready. Remember to make sure the entire existing staff knows about your brilliant new hire via email too! It will make the new employee feel less out of place on their first day at work.

Set-Up Their Company Email.

To give them a personalized feeling, you should set up their company email. All you have to do is confirm their preferred first and last name. Then, they need an email invitation from a manager before creating the inbox. After that, they should expect ongoing invitations to meetings and one-on-ones from their boss.

Prepare Their First-Week Schedule.

To ensure your new employee is well organized, it is important to keep them busy. It will help them remember where everything is located, adjust to the work schedule, meet their coworkers, and learn about the culture.

During a new hire’s first week, they often need help to create a timetable for their day-to-day tasks. When you’re ready, please send this to them a few days ahead as a kind gesture on your part. It usually helps them feel prepared and less jittery on their first day of work.

Offer A Solid Training Program.

New employees should be helped with the anxiety of starting a new job by having a clear, comprehensive training program in place. It will help them become comfortable and feel part of the team right from the start.

Give A Welcome Gift.

It’s always good to welcome new people, so why not give them something to say welcome? Some great options are company swag like t-shirts or coffee mugs, office equipment like pens or notebooks, and a map with the best lunch spots around the office.

Send A First Day Email.

A few days before they start, send them an email with everything they can expect on their first day with great detail. Make sure to remind them of any meetings, onboarding sessions, and lunches. Include their schedule so they can plan accordingly. Share preparatory details about the office, transportation, and what to wear and bring with them before they come in. It will help your new employee know what to expect and be better prepared.

By following a few simple steps during the pre-boarding and onboarding process, you can make this transition likelier to go smoothly. One of the most important reasons is that it can increase employee loyalty, engagement, and productivity on a day-to-day basis. Over time, your early engagement strategies greatly impact the length of the employee’s tenure with your company. It’s worth investing in, even if they take a lot of time and effort to do so.

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