How HR Can Support Remote Teams with the Right Tech Stack

The way we perform common HR tasks looks very different today compared to just two years ago. What was predominantly an employee-facing role is now increasingly carried out virtually. With the shift to remote and hybrid work, employee needs and challenges have also evolved.

Technology now plays an integral role in how HR departments support distributed teams and carry out everyday functions. With the right tech stack, you can streamline HR processes and automate repetitive tasks, wherever you work. Below are the tech resources that every HR team needs to lighten their workload and improve the employee experience.

4 Ways HR Can Support Remote Teams with the Right Tech

1.  Onboarding

The employee onboarding process is your chance to form a positive first impression with new hires. Unfortunately, in a remote environment, it can be more difficult to create a warm welcome and facilitate team building. As a HR leader, you also face unique challenges in completing all of the necessary paperwork and providing access to everything the employee needs. Finally, an onboarding solution can automate many of these administrative tasks, meaning less work for you and a more streamlined start for your new hire. 

2.  Device Provisioning

Device provisioning is a key step in the onboarding experience, and can also be required for existing employees as their devices are upgraded. The process of ordering, shipping, and configuring new devices can be labor-intensive for HR teams. Also, even if you are re-using existing hardware, it can take time to wipe and re-configure company devices for new users. Outsourced IT support can handle these device provisioning tasks for you, with pre-negotiated rates on your chosen devices and accessories. Plus, employees receive everything they need direct to their door, with remote setup taken care of.

3.  Centralized Employee Tracking and

Managing the various levels of employee access to company resources can be a headache for HR teams. Credential and user access management often requires technical proficiency if performed manually, and is a poor use of HR leaders’ time and expertise. Also, special care also needs to be given to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and best practices. To simplify this process, you need a single hub to track the status of all requests. Additionally, with a centralized employee management system, you gain a clear view of who has access to what, with the ability to quickly grant or revoke permissions as needed.

4.  Offboarding

Offboarding often isn’t given the same attention as onboarding, but it’s just as important to have a standardized process for departing employees. In a distributed environment, this is even more critical. How do you securely retrieve company assets such as laptops from remote workers? Are you equipped to quickly revoke access to company systems
and data? An offboarding solution gives you the tools to instantly remove
employees from company accounts, arrange for easy hardware returns, and wipe
devices clean for reuse.

IT is Indispensable for Remote HR Teams

Without face-to-face interaction, HR teams face a new set of challenges in supporting remote employees. Poorly configured or outdated tools have the potential to slow you down and add to your workload in a distributed work environment. But, with the right tech stack, it’s possible to streamline and automate many of the tasks associated with
onboarding, offboarding, device provisioning, user access management, and more.

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