Hopkins HR Solutions

Hopkins HR provides HR Management Solutions for small and medium businesses looking to scale their business and profitability.

Why Do Companies Choose The Hopkins Group?

In today’s business world, human resources management is more important than ever. An effective HR management solution can help your business to improve communication and organizational efficiency, while reducing costs.

Amazing Service

Our support team is made of friendly, knowledgeable, certified PEOPLE who are trained in active listening and implementing pragmatic solutions.

Comprehensive Services

Both small and large businesses choose us to help them grow and build their teams. Whether they are starting a business, expanding or crossing borders.

Industry Agnostic

Companies across 21+ Industries trust The Hopkins Group as their business lifeline.

Scalable Solutions

We offer a variety of scalable HR solutions for growing businesses, ranging from hiring to retiring to help you find the right products and services that fit their growing demographics.

Trusted Relationships

We build relationships that address your needs based on mutual collaboration and not to increase revenues.

Budget Friendly

We’ll provide customized HR solutions that fit your budget and growing business.

Our Core Services

Our Expert HR Management Solutions

We offer comprehensive HR services such as HR Consulting, HR Technology and Implementation, Talent Acquisition, and training.

HR Consulting

The Hopkins Group provides expert consultation for those that are struggling with employee relationships, management, implementing policies, and even layoffs.

HR Technology

Our unrivaled HR software consulting process involves collecting and organizing. It covers all the information in all areas of the employee's lifecycle, from onboarding, payroll, and to PTO.

Training & Development

Training and development are key to success in any business. We personalize our solutions based on their specific requirements, regardless of industry.

Talent Aquisition

The Hopkins Group has a distinguished approach when it comes to hiring. We manage the entire process, from screening to onboarding to help you access the best talent for your business.

Training & Development

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Training & Development

Training and development is a key driver in the success of any business. We personalize our training and development solutions based on their specific requirements.

Training & Development

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Estimate Your HR Savings

The average salary for an in house Texas based HR manager is between $80k – $140k + benefits. This equals approximately $112k – $196k per year. Why not see how much you can save right now?

Total Monthly Savings$
(Number of Employees)

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"Focus on Your mission, while we focus on your HR"

Melanie Toliver - President

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