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In today’s business world, the role of Human Resources is more important than ever. HR consulting can be a great way to improve your company’s performance and bottom line.

The Hopkins Group is the #1 choice for businesses.

Why Outsource HR?

Personalized HR Consulting

The Hopkins Group offers personalized management consultation programs for new and experienced employees and supervisors to help them gain the necessary knowledge and tools they need to grow.
We guarantee the efficiency of your employee’s performance and ensure that they fulfill their responsibilities to accomplish the company’s overall performance and profitability goals.

HR Payroll Services

Payroll data collection and tracking employees’ performance are essential for paying your employees on time and correctly. Many companies continue to rely on defective ways to monitoring hours and time-off requests, causing a compensation headache for finance and liability concerns for the entire organization.

The Hopkins Group is committed to administrating your employees’ payment and compensation a trouble-free and straightforward process, whether you’re monitoring hours, perks, or PTO or processing payroll.

HRPM Services

HR project management frequently entails all elements of a company and its functional units. The Hopkins Group provides HRPM services for project management, skills development, and understanding possible risks that frequently afflict project execution to increase your organization’s efficiency.

Our HR Project management services address a wide range of particular HR issues that many organizations face.

HR Management

The Hopkins Group provides you with decisive HR advice to guarantee compliance with ever-changing employment regulations. Managing personnel data, monitoring hours, and processing payroll in different systems can take hours of data entry, resulting in numerous prospects for mistakes that lead to significant consequences.

HR Help Desk

Submit your HR questions to our on-demand HR Help Desk. One of our experts will respond with insights and resources to help you address your question.

"Focus on your mission, while we focus on your HR"

Melanie Toliver - President

Why do I need HR Consulting?

Typically, businesses outsource HR to improve efficiency, and to free up time for managers to focus on other tasks and to take advantage of the expertise of experienced HR professionals. Outsourcing HR can help businesses save money on labor costs by allowing them to avoid hiring and training full-time HR staff. Helping businesses avoid making common HR mistakes can help them implement best practices faster.

By outsourcing HR tasks such as payroll and benefits administration, managers can spend more time on strategic tasks such as developing new business initiatives and planning for growth.

Our Approach


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Noteworthy News

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