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Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Employment Laws and Regulations at the state and federal levels may apply to companies with even one single employee. Complying with these laws and regulations for a company with multiple sites in multiple states may be even more challenging.

Stay Up To Date

Development of written policies and procedures to effectively comply with laws and regulations, and address similar situations in a more consistent manner can create a strong management tool for your company’s operations. The Hopkins Group will develop a Customized Policy and Procedures Manual that outlines the details of your company’s policies for management of the business. We work with you and provide both recommended and required policies to manage your business. We will also develop a customized employee handbook for distribution to all employees in either electronic or hard copy.

HR Compliance Services

There are times when a Comprehensive Human Resources and Payroll Audit is appropriate to determine if your HR functions are in compliance with laws. This is true for both established businesses without an HR department, or potential startups. Much like an insurance policy, an HR audit can identify areas of risk before they present a financial cost to the organization.

Regardless of the reason, a thorough audit from The Hopkins Group will provide you with a detailed report of your people management practices, and identify very specific action items where changes must be made, and where they should be made.

Do It The Right Way

Compliance issues occasionally surface with employee claims. These might be legal compliance issues, or policy compliance issues. The Hopkins Group provides you with experienced and neutral third-party investigation teams to get to the root of the complaint. We will not only provide you with the results of our investigation, but recommend and execute appropriate courses of action. The Hopkins Group can ensure cooperation and confidence from your employees during a potentially emotional time.

Organizational Development

Cultivate Your Management

As you grow your company and your employees, they are going to need skills that they may not acquire on the job, such as those necessary for supervisory or management activities. Please remember, employees don’t leave the company, they leave their boss. If you have a high turnover rate, you may be losing valuable talent because the manager doesn’t know how to manage. Our outstanding Management Training can provide your managers with the skills they need to support high performance.

Retain Your Best

The Hopkins Group in Dallas provides customized training for groups or one-on-one to provide your employees with the specific skills needed to make them stars in your organization. Please keep in mind that one star performer out-performs three mediocre employees.

If you think that such training might be too expensive, remember that investing in your employees pays you back not only with more skilled, thus efficient employees, but in employee retention.

Besides customized management training, The Hopkins Group also provides executive coaching and more typical training classes such as Dallas Diversity Training, and Dallas Harassment Training. We also offer training in Spanish as well as other languages. Our Training Classes aren’t just a video and quick speech. We work with you to identify the specific knowledge, skill or performance gap, what will fit in your environment, provide post-assessments (if they didn’t learn anything, we didn’t do our job), and can even provide the training online if needed.

Our Other Services

The Hopkins Group offers a comprehensive range of human resource consulting services including:

HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing to Hopkins HR can simplify your HR needs and free up resources to focus on other parts of your business. Leave it in the hands of the experts.

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Employee Development

Finding and retaining the best talent is a key part of running a successful business, and Hopkins HR can help you grow your team to the best they can be.

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Project Management

If you have specific goals to achieve, Hopkins HR can work alongside you as an extension of the business to complete projects on time, every time.

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