Alternatives to PEO Membership

Many business owners and executives in the Dallas – Fort Worth area believe that the only way to obtain competitive group benefit pricing and decent outsourced HR services is to join a professional employer organization (PEO). This may or may not be true; It depends on a large number of factors. If you are investigating joining a PEO, before you take the plunge into the co-employer abyss, let The Hopkins Group show you an alternative to a PEO arrangement.

Working with any one of a number of trusted group health brokers, we can develop a benefits plan that is tailored to your company’s culture, people strategy, and budget. We will do the same with a pension benefits broker and payroll service provider. You will end up with a package of vendors that meet your needs and budget, with human resources services that are customized to your business. And onsite, not through a call center.

PEOs, by their very nature, will create a co-employer relationship. This does not absolve your organization of risk and liability, it just allows your employees to be grouped with hundreds of others for group health and worker comp pricing. This can be good. This can be bad. It just depends.

PEOs rarely provide any transparency between pricing and what service you are receiving. Do you know how much you are paying for the HR administration? Would you like to pay $100,000 a year just for the privilege of having call center level HR services for your 40 employee company? Most other business owners don’t like to either.

So, if your company size doesn’t require a full-time human resources professional, but you want more than a call center, please contact THG.

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