Human Resources Administration

General Human Resources Administration encompasses all the day-to-day activities required of human resources. These tasks are all part of what The Hopkins Group handles in our onsite, outsourced contracts and interim assignments for clients in Dallas, TX, Jacksonville, FL and elsewhere.


For certain businesses, depending upon size or industry, it makes sense to have a “part-time” HR professional. We act as your company’s HR Department onsite and off (you can always reach your Associate via email or phone) and handle all the human resources duties that regular, full-time HR professional would at a fraction of the salary. Plus, a back-up is always available in cases of emergency.


If you still aren’t certain why you should outsource your HR, click here.


Your trusted human resources professional is going to be out on leave? Someone resigned and you don’t have the position filled yet? The Hopkins Group can handle part- and full-time interim assignments as short as a week or as long as a year.While we’re on the subject of outsourcing, please note that The Hopkins Group is not a PEO (professional employer organization) or employee leasing organization. You are always the employer of record for your employers, not The Hopkins Group.