HR Compliance Services

Employment Laws and Regulations, whether at the local Dallas or Jacksonville city levels, at the Texas or Florida state levels or up to the federal level; may apply to companies with even one employee. Complying with laws and regulations for a company with multiple sites in multiple states may be even more challenging.

Development of written policies and procedures to effectively comply with laws and regulations, and address similar situations in a more consistent manner, creates a strong management tool for you and makes everyone’s life a little easier. The Hopkins Group will develop a Customized Policy and Procedures Manual that outlines the detail of your company’s policies for management to use in running the business. Note the word “customized”: this is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution downloaded off the web. We work with you and provide the policies you should have and the policies you need to have to manage your business within your culture. We will also develop a customized employee handbook for distribution to all employees (electronically or hard-copy—whatever works for your culture).

There are times when a Comprehensive Human Resources and Payroll Audit is appropriate to determine if your HR functions are or are not in compliance with the laws. Perhaps you are in the due diligence process to acquire a business or you have been in business for a few years without any professional HR support and guidance and you want to know the state of your HR affairs. Much like an insurance policy, an HR audit can identify areas of risk before they present a financial cost to the organization.

Regardless of the reason, a thorough audit from The Hopkins Group will provide you with a detailed report of your people management practices and identify very specific action items where changes must be made and where changes should be made.

Compliance issues occasionally surface with employee claims. These might be legal compliance issues or policy compliance issues. The Hopkins Group provides you with third-party, experienced, neutral investigation teams to get to the root of the complaint. We will not only provide you with the results of our investigation, but recommended action, and then depending upon what those recommendations are, we can assist in carrying out the plan. Using a third-party such as The Hopkins Group can ensure cooperation and confidence from your employees during a potentially emotional time.