Professional Coaching and Counseling

Outsourcing is an ideal strategy for Coaching and Counseling Dallas and Fort Worth area employees, as well as management. A Hopkins Group consultant will provide your company with an impartial and objective perspective. The Hopkins Group consultants are knowledgeable and experienced Coaches and Counselors with many years of Employee Relations experience.

The Hopkins Group will assist you in:


Can occur at all levels of the organization and usually involves advising, role modeling, networking, sharing contacts and supporting. Our consultants will guide the pairs so that the relationship benefits both the mentor andthe protégé.

Career/Performance Coaching
A supervisor may recognize the employee’s need for career coaching and see that the services of a third-party coach would be more effective. Cues from employees that can signal coachable moments are:

  • Demonstrates a new skill or interest
  • Seeks feedback
  • Expresses an interest in a change in the
  • Is experiencing a poor job fit
  • Mentions a desire for development opportunities


Executive Coaching
The Hopkins Group Consultants will provide support to managers in mastering the fundamental principles and practices for achieving extraordinary results and empowering staff success.