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Diversity & Inclusion Video


The Hopkins Group proudly partners with Syntrio to provide an award-winning online training solution for employers. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Syntrio features a robust course library on an array of topics within Health & Safety, Employment Law, Ethics & Compliance, Cybersecurity and Business Skills.

Syntrio has created a training snapshot video designed to help your workforce navigate through these difficult times. You can share this  complimentary short video with your workforces that address #BlackLivesMatter and other marginalized groups  to help push for the change that is needed to promote social justice and equality and their contribution to fair and prosperous workplaces.

This Ethical Snapshot addresses the problems of injustices and inequalities against racial groups and the roots of these injustices and inequalities. It addresses how individuals, no matter their identity, can take steps to recognize the problem, educate oneself regarding it and take actions to make a difference.