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Compensation Services

Stay Competitive When It Comes To Compensation

Our Compensation Specialists are well qualified to partner with you when it comes to conducting compensation market research and analysis, designing compensation plans, and designing performance management systems. Our experience includes both domestic and international analysis and plan design. We have access to a large number of diversified survey tools to provide a position, industry, and geographic-specific compensation analysis.

Stay Up To Date With Trends

Performance Management Systems, Pay-For-Performance and Alternative Reward Systems are areas of compensation that all businesses need to review, particularly since the labor market is constantly evolving. The newest generation of employees coming into the workforce have a completely different set of motivations and incentives that create challenges for companies in the recruitment, selection, and retention processes.

Employee Compensation Planning

The Hopkins Group can also assist with FLSA related complaints and investigations, including legally compliant job descriptions. With the increased enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the risk to employers of non-compliance has increased proportionally.

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