January 3, 2023

The Affordable Care Act: A Review and Update

As explained on the official government health care site, the Affordable Care Act has three goals: The law affects both individuals and companies. For example, according to Healthcare.gov, the law: Business rules and benefits As noted on the IRS site, small companies — typically those with fewer than 50 employees — can purchase insurance through …

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Should You Move Toward Continuous Feedback?

In traditional performance reviews, managers assess their employees’ performance based on established goals for the year. The manager shares his or her assessment with the employee once per year during the annual performance review. However, the performance evaluation process is transforming, some organizations provide continuous feedback. Problems With Traditional Performance Reviews With traditional reviews, employees …

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What Is Workforce Management?

Workforce management is a process that employers implement with the goal of optimizing the productivity of their employees and the workplace. According to CIO Magazine, “WFM began as a means for improving the consistency, efficiency, and productivity of call centers but has since expanded to other industries and job functions.” What initially started out as …

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How To Help Depressed Employees

Depression, also called major depressive disorder, is a prevalent and serious medical condition that adversely impacts a person’s feelings, behaviors and thoughts. An employee who has depression may exhibit symptoms that can range from mild to severe, such as: Feeling sad. Losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable. Experiencing a depressed mood. Having sleep …

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Looking to Buy Group Health Insurance?

Health insurance is often regarded as the most desirable workplace benefit for employees, meaning health insurance is essentially a nonnegotiable perk for employers to offer. However, employers should not purchase a group health insurance plan prior to shopping around and finding the best value.   Below are four questions employers may want to pose to …

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The NLRA: What Employers Need to Know

Employers have certain degrees of leverage when setting standards for their workplaces, which employees will subsequently be required to adhere to and follow. However, employers of private-sector employees must consider the National Labor Relations Act. What Is the NLRA? The NLRA is a federal law designed to grant employees “the right to form or join …

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